Top 10 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Cats

We all love cats and want to pet them. Cats are a type of different mammal, they have got the different way to communicate and express their love.

So let's check out amazing interesting facts about cats: -

  • 1. Cats “Meow” to communicate with Hoomans.

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    We feel very nice when cats meow and sometimes we reply them back with the same meow. But they, meow to communicate with people, not with other cats.

  • 2. Cats can’t taste sweet things. 

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  • It's sad to know, that our little cats cannot taste sweet things, they don’t have sweet tooth. So they cannot be tempted by cake or sugar.

  • 3. Cats really don’t care to listen to you. 

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  • Ya, we heard it right. Cats don’t give a damn to what we tell them. They are not of listening type. Even if you call out their names out loud, they chose to ignore you. So next time, don’t be shocked if they don’t listen to you and you keep calling their name.

  • 4. Cats have three eyelids. 

  • cat has three eyelid
  • The third eyelid is actually the norm for many mammals; in humans, it has been reduced to a small bump in the inner corner of the eye. The scientific name of this third eyelid is Tertia Palpebra. You can see the third eyelid if your cat is very relaxed.

  • Cats eyes reveal the hunter side 

  • cat eyes
  • We all are very fascinated by Cats eyes. They have got the most amazing eyes in the whole world. Studies have revealed that the eyes of the mammals show their hunter side. The one with vertical pupils, like domestic cats, tend to ambush their prey

  • 6.  Cats have more bones than Humans 

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  • Oh yes! Cats have got more bones than humans. But by seeing their flexibility, we tend to think “Have they got any bone” Cats have 230 bones in their body and Humans have 206. The additional bones are in Cats Tail and Spine which gives them extra flexibility.

    7. Cats are farsighted 

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    We have noticed it many times, that cat can’t see its food which is right in front of it but can clearly see far off objects. That’s because cats are far-sighted and they also have a blind spot right in front of their noses. But with their sense of smell which is 14 times greater than that of humans, they cover up this weakness.

  • 8. Cats have the unique nose pad, like fingerprints. 

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  • Just like Humans got unique fingerprints, our cat has a nose pad. No two nose pads are exactly alike.

  • 9. Cats can become addicted to tuna:

  • cats addicted to fish
  • Excess of anything is bad. Its rightly said. Same for our Friend cat, although Tuna fish is a harmless treat, too much of it, can make Cat addicted to it and it may refuse to eat anything else, ending up in malnourishment.

  • 10. Cats sleep for 16-18 hours a day  

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    Cats tend to sleep more than humans. Their average sleep a day is 16-18 hours.

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